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Results a Client Should Expect

Operational Excellence
1. 50% defect reduction
2. Reduce rework and repair costs by 50%
3. 30% - 40% productivity improvements
4. Effective continuous improvement and business operating systems
5. Better communications among functional groups

Lean Manufacturing
1. 20% to 30% Inventory Reduction
2. Improved Employee Involvement
3. Development of standardized work methodologies
4. Organized, neat and clean workplace
5. Improved equipment uptime

Program Management
1. Customized, detailed, and predefined requirements
2. Detailed Phase Exit / Gate requirements to ensure results
3. Elimination of program errors and surprises
4. Improved customer satisfaction
5. Increased functional group participation in the product development process

Product Development Systems
1. Reduced product development lead times
2. A plan to stop the cycle of mistakes and to start a cycle of success
3. Improved, lower cost designs which integrate design requirements with manufacturing processes

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