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Are you ready for a lean assessment?

Process Coaching Incorporated is a high-impact consulting firm dedicated to implementing positive change and achieving extraordinary results by providing personalized service to individual clients. We provide services to manufacturing companies in the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan area, and focus on Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Lean Product Development, Program Management and Project Management and Quality Improvement.

What we deliver...
  • 30% Increase in Productivity
  • 50% Improvement in Quality
  • Reduced Product Development Cycle Times
  • Increased Production Throughput
  • 75% Improvement in On-time delivery


What we do...

  • Work with manufacturing firms and business units that:
    • Range in size from $5MM to $500MM in revenue
    • Have an immediate need to improve performance
    • Do not require short term financial restructuring or an asset fire sale for survival
  • Conduct an organization assessment using a multi-disciplined team of proven professionals
  • Work with management to target immediate, short burst projects that build momentum
  • Tailor the business improvement process to convert opportunities into results
  • Build accountability & self sufficiency into the system from the outset
Process Coaching Incorporated is affiliated with the experts of Mastermind.


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