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Case Study 1 - Automotive Cut and Sew

Client: Manufacturer of Automotive Cut and Sew Products

Challenge: Manufacturing facility generated excessive defects and rework; declining sales

Our Role: Extend the life of the business and offset the decline in sales by significantly reducing operating costs until new revenue opportunities could be brought on line.

Implementation Strategy:
1. Implemented TPM and Mistake Proofing methodology
2. Revised / redesigned processes to eliminate non-value added steps
3. Challenged design assumptions to allow improved process efficiencie
4. Developed new sewing tools and bonding tools

Results achieved:
1. Reduced internal and external defects by 98%
2. Improved productivity by 30% in the first round of projects
3. Decreased annual assembly costs by $2,000,000
4. Increased associate productivity by 50%
5. Extended the life of the business by 2 years while new opportunities acquired

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