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Case Study 4 - Aluminum Truck Body Company–Lean Deployment 2

Client: Manufacturer of aluminum delivery vehicles <

Challenge: Reduce the labor input required to build vehicles without adversely impacting quality or delivery

Our Role: Develop, implement and manage a multiphase lean implementation based on 5S, kanban, and other lean tools.

Implementation Strategy:
1. Split the plant into 3 zones and deploy 5S by zone
2. Provide JIT training to hourly associates
3. Develop a replenishment system for supplying plants
4. Deploy Key Lean Manufacturing Tools
- Visual Factory Management
- Single Part Flow / Cellular Manufacturing

Results achieved:
1. 40% Productivity gain – Annual improvement of $4,000,000
2. 3 fold increase in first-time quality metric
3. Inventory reduction of 75%
4. Online shortages reduced by 25%

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