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Case Study 5 - Aluminum Truck Body Company – Chassis Management

Client: Manufacturer of aluminum delivery vehicles

Challenge: Develop a system to identify the options required on a particular chassis, to provide inspection requirements for that chassis, and to automatically enter a corrective action loop when required

Our Role: Facilitate the development of the current state and future state process map and lead the team to develop the tools within the information management system to automate most of the receiving functions.

Implementation Strategy:
1. Assemble a team of client experts to develop the process maps
2. Use brainstorming techniques to define requirements
3. Integrate information to automate chassis incoming inspection forms
4. Deploy bar code scanners to the chassis receiving function
5. Automate the initiation of corrective action cycles

Results achieved:
1. Eliminated plant down time due to chassis errors being detected at start ($250,000 annual savings)
2. Reduced chassis receiving labor by 33%

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